Friday, July 21, 2023


Upcoming release:
As mentioned in previously the final Vrasubatlat release entitled " the Altar of Dread" (VT-XXX) will be released alongside the Collier d'Ombre (VT-XXVIII) and Envoûterez (VT-XXIX) eponymous releases available later this summer. This release will be a compilation of all Vrasubatlat projects contributing a single track per entity. Previews for the release are now on the Vrasubatlat Bandcamp page here, containing tracks from Dagger Lust and Uškumgallu, which will be both of their first releases since their full length debuts.

We are also proud to unveil the cover and preview track for Envoûterez's eponymous debut (VT-XXIX). Preview track "Doldrums of an Endless Deletery" is available here on the Vrasubatlat Bandcamp page.

- Ad Infinitum