Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Upcoming release:
We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Collier d'Ombre's self titled debut on cassette (VT-XXVIII) which will be up and for sale on the Vrasubatlat Bigcartel within the next few weeks. Click here to to stay tuned on the shop. We have also uploaded two preview tracks to the Vrasubatlat Bandcamp page available here.

Alongside this release will be the debut release of Envoƻterez (VT-XXIX) as well as the final Vrasubatlat release entitled "...at the Altar of Dread" (VT-XXX) which will be a compilation of all Vrasubatlat projects contributing a single track per entity. These two releases will be limited to 50 copies each in their initial pressing but likely repressed shortly thereafter.

Goatowarex has informed us that vinyl copies of the Utzalu LP "The Grobian Fall" (VT-XXVI) have shipped and we will fulfill those long overdue pre-orders at that time. Any remaining copies will be put up for sale on the Vrasubatlat Bigcartel.

Following these releases, Vrasubatlat will cease operation but Collier d'Ombre and Envoƻterez will continue on as independent projects from the label.

- Ad Infinitum