Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Available now:
We are proud to announce the release of Utzalu's third full length The Grobian Fall (VT-XXVI). Pre-orders for the cassette version will now begin shipping/can be ordered via the webstore - click here to purchase. Additionally, the digital version is now available for purchase and streaming in full here. To clarify, it is still unclear when the vinyl pre-order will be ready so be patient with us. We will give updates when we hear back from the plant.


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Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Upcoming release:

We are proud to announce the return of Vrasubatlat black metal entity Utzalu with their third full length The Grobian Fall (VT-XXVI). After several lineup changes, Utzalu returns with projections of miscreant deviance and naturalistic decay in the theme of 19th century French literature. In theme with prior Utzalu releases, The Grobian Fall tells the narrative of one’s descent as the fool – the one who believes to have fallen from grace yet never was accepted to begin with. The imposter whose delusion leads only to more lewd despair and pathetic turmoil. Limited to 100 copies on cassette and soon to be released on vinyl by Goatowarex.  Click here to pre-order via the Vrasubatlat webstore and click here to listen to a preview track.

Dripping in yellow treble 
Lost phalanges of primitive time 
And lost and in waste 
It moves onward to… 
…the Grobian Fall 

Washed ashore a plane of destitute – a home of the raped and drained, left to despair. 

This is VT-XXVI.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Available now:
We are proud to announce that a few limited items from past printings and pressings are now available at the Vault of Dried Bones webstore. Click here to view. 

Additionally, we still have a few of the Serum Dreg "Impure Blood" (VT-II) vinyl pressing from Iron Bonehead still available but they are running low. Click here to purchase. 

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Available now:
We are proud to announce that for the first time Serum Dreg's debut release Impure Blood (VT-II) is available on vinyl through the assistance of Iron Bonehead Productions. Available in both white and black vinyl variants here

More information on pending releases to be announced soon.


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Friday, January 17, 2020


Upcoming Releases:
Vrasubatlat is proud to announce that it will be partnering with Goatowarex on several releases - none of which have received vinyl treatment until now. Historically, Vrasubatlat has maintained much independence besides working with a few other labels, including Invictus Productions, but now with Goatowarex's similar vision and aesthetic, they have also entered the fold. The first manifestations of this partnership are as follows (release dates TBA):

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WAXGOAT206/VT-XI - Pissblood - Fevered Dreams of Delirium 7"
Fevered Dreams of Delirium is the debut release of Vrasubatlat project Pissblood. Taking on a much more traditional D-beat sound, Pissblood offers a psychedelic and abstract lyrical (and aesthetic) approach by visiting the themes of Pier Paolo Pasolini: decadence and perversion. Fevered Dreams of Delirium features four vomitous stomps of irreverent punk mayhem, placing it in good company amongst the other Vrasubatlat entities.

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WAXGOAT205/VT-XXII - Pissblood - Pissblood LP
The eponymous debut LP of Pissblood pushes the band beyond its previously exclusive noisy D-beat sound and into a realm of various punk influences. Ranging from Japanese D-beat to some American hardcore sounds, Pissblood showcases a brutal new approach with this reformed lineup. Scorch the earth, fall into the dirt, and writhe in piss.

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WAXGOAT194/VT-XXIII - Utzalu - Idiot Hell LP
The sophomore full-length release from Vrasubatlat entity Utzalu marks a departure from extrinsic hatred to the depths of selfish psychosis. Returning to the much more punk-based roots of the project, Idiot Hell showcases the primal destruction in one of the more simplistic conduits of the roster. Idiot Hell is a decrepit pathway for the indulgent, the weak, and most of all... the starving. Punish your existence and collapse between the caving walls.

No photo description available.
WAXGOAT195/VT-VII & VT-IX - Dagger Lust - Dagger Lust/Aggramica LP
This release marks the first time ever both the eponymous Dagger Lust demo and Aggramica demo are to be released on vinyl for this compilation. These two demos together have been remastered to showcase the dynamic range of Dagger Lust's minimalist approach. This release features all-new artwork carrying the spirit of the earlier releases and embodies their inspirations from sadomasochism, hatred, and filth.

No photo description available.
WAXGOAT204/VT-I & VT-IV Uškumgallu - Uškumgallu/Mortifying the Flesh LP
Both long out-of-print demos from the first Vrasubatlat entity Uškumgallu will also now be available for the first time since their second pressings in 2016. Both the eponymous demo as well as Mortifying the Flesh show the abyssal trajectory of Uškumgallu into the madness that led to their first full-length, Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood. This release also contains new artwork embodying the stygian descent into schizophrenia heard on these early demonstrations - both true testaments to anxiety, depravity, and desperation.

Vrasubatlat and Goatowarex plan on continuing to work together and will likely be releasing Adzalaan's sophomore album in 2020. More news to be revealed in due time.


More information:

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Thursday, January 9, 2020


Upcoming rituals:
Triumvir Foul will be descending upon the east coast in March 2020 with northern horde Human Agony. Dates are as follows: 

February 29 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Allied Middlesex County Jail
March 1 - Worcester, MA @ Ralph's Rock Diner 
March 2 - Philadelphia, PA @ Century 
March 3 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Pyre Press 
March 4 - Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon 
March 5 - Richmond, VA @ Wonderland 
March 6 - Washington, DC @ Atlas Brew Works 
March 7 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus