Friday, June 12, 2015


 Available now:
I. Uškumgallu - self titled demo CS (VT-I)

 Uškumgallu is the spiraling descent into despondency and dolor. A black metal manifestation of one's fears, disgust, and shame in the form of affirmation and surrender. Uškumgallu's first release contains three proclamations of anguish to lacerate one's mind and soul. This is VT-I. SOLD OUT.

II. Serum Dreg - Impure Blood demo CS (VT-II)
Serum Dreg introduces its violent breed of black/death metal with four maniacal aural gashes compiled to form Impure Blood. Serum Dreg's debut offering showcases the worship of hedonism and self-destruction through a primitive death metal vehicle. This is VT-II. SOLD OUT.