Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Impending lacerations:

Today marks the launching of sale and pre-order of the latest Vrasubatlat and Unseen Force (latest Purity of Essence release pictured above) batch of releases to available on multiple formats. All CD editions will be by Invictus Productions but will be shipped via VT. This batch is as follows:

Filth Column - S/T CS (VT-XVII)*

Serum Dreg - Lustful Vengeance LP/CS/CD (VT-XVIII)

Dagger Lust - Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead LP/CS/CD (VT-XIX)

Adzalaan - Into Vermilion Mirrors LP/CS/CD (VT-XX)

Purity of Essence - Untitled CS (FORCE_LXII)*

Rohit - Slave CS (FORCE_LXIII)*

Terror Cell Unit God Took Everything From Us & Now We Will Take Everything From You CS (FORCE_LXIV)*

(All marked with asterisks are available to ship now)

Additionally all digital pre-orders (besides those out and the Purity of Essence release) are available via Vrasubatlat and Unseen Force's Bandcamp pages, respectively here and here.
Besides, this all pre--order releases are expected to be fully available on April 20th. 

Upcoming rituals:

Additionally, following the 20th, Adzalaan will be playing a rare collaborative set with Skáphe in Philadelphia on April 21st in West Philadelphia. This is a private show so all inquiries for entrance must be sent to mystiskaos.secretshow@gmail.com. 

Moreover, Triumvir Foul will be performing for the first time in Chicago and California at Invoking Black Death (5/4-5/6) and California Death Fest (10/12-10/13), respectively. 


Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Upcoming releases:
We are proud to announce that we will working in conjunction once again with Invictus Productions for the next set of VT releases. We will be handling CS/LP versions of the upcoming Serum Dreg, Adzalaan, and Dagger Lust releases while Invictus will be releasing these on CD format. Expect official releases in April with hopefully a pre-order in March. All CS releases will be limited to 200 (sans Filth Column, which will be limited to 125 cassettes) and LP editions will be limited to 300. 

Upcoming rituals:

Additionally, Filth Column will be have its debut performances supporting Rohit on the following dates:

- 3/26 - Portland, OR w/ Human Agony, Rohit, and Grizelda at the High Water Mark (flyer above)
- 3/27 - Salem, OR w/ Human Agony, Rohit, and Solace at the Space Country Club

Monday, January 15, 2018


Available now:

We have stocked the store with merchandise left over from Torment is Flesh, including new short and longsleeve Triumvir Foul designs as well as festival design shirts and exclusive pre-release CS editions of Filth Column, Adzalaan, Serum Dreg, and Dagger Lust. Click here to visit the store. Expect pro-press and vinyl editions of all these releases in March.

Upcoming rituals:

Additionally, Triumvir Foul will be embarking on a Pacfiic Northwest mini-tour in early March. Flyers for BC dates above (Seattle flyer to be posted soon). Dates below:

- 3/2 - Vancouver B.C. w/ Erosion, Deathwinds, and Ceremonial Bloodshed
- 3/3 - Victoria, B.C. w/ Altered Dead, Euthanized, Crematory Ash
- 3/4 Seattle, WA w/ TBA

Adzalaan will also be playing locally along side Human Agony, Pain Appendix/Primordial Wound collaborative set, and Cost at the High Water Mark on 4/5 in Portland, OR

Monday, December 18, 2017


Upcoming release:

The third out of four previews of the latest VT batch has been released today - "Paralysis Euphoria" from Adzalaan's Into Vermilion Mirrors (VT-XX). Click here for a preview.

UPDATE (12/24):
Available now:

The last of the four new VT releases, Filth Column (VT-XVII) has now been posted in its complete form, unlike the samples of the others which have been posted previously. To listen or download the complete release click here. Further, this tape will also be available on exclusive run at Torment is Flesh

Monday, December 4, 2017


Coming soon:
We are proud to unveil the first preview of the upcoming VT release batch: Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead (VT-XIX), the debut LP of VT entity Dagger Lust. A preview track is available here. More info to come soon.

In addition, other pending releases are listed below:
- Fitlh Column - self-titled CS (VT-XVII)
Serum Dreg - Unholy Vengeance CS/LP (VT-XVIII)
- Adzalaan - Into Vermilion Mirrors CS/LP (VT-XX)

All pending releases will be available on limited pre-release cassettes at Torment is Flesh. Likely limited to quantities of 30.

UPDATE 12/11: Preview of new Serum Dreg album Lustful Vengeance (VT-XVIII) now available here. Artwork preview below.

Monday, October 23, 2017


Upcoming ritual:


Vrasubatlat and Unseen Force are proud to present Torment is Flesh, an amalgam of depraved sonic destruction. A curation of visions devoid of any form of righteousness, hope or salvation comes a collection of disdainful aural torture. Showcasing acts from across our arbitrary borders of existence, Torment is Flesh crosses a multitude of spectra including more traditional vicious black/death metal to asphyxiating psychedelia to concrete and abrasive harsh noise. 

The festival will occur in Portland, OR over the course of the first weekend of January (1/5-1/7). Day one will be held at the High Water Mark and days two and three will be held at the Tonic Lounge. For ticket pre-orders, see the options below:

Day 1 ticket: click here
Day 2 ticket: click here
Day 3 ticket: click here
Weekend pass: click here
Weekend pass w/ fest exclusive shirt: click here

Facebook event page: click here



Available now:
As of last week, we have begun taking orders for the 2nd press of Uškumgallu's debut LP Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood. Click here to purchase.

Coming soon:
Additionally, Vrasubatlat will soon begin fulfillment and distribution for Unseen Force. Keep an eye out for announcement and store updates.

UPDATE (11/4): Unseen Force titles are now available on the VT webstore. Click here to purchase.

UPDATE (1/5): Unfortunately, all House of First Light bands, including Sanguine Eagle, Ozama, and Khøleräa have canceled due to snow canceling flights on the east coast. In their place with be a sets by Rusalka and Disgust on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Upcoming ritual:
Vrasubatlat and Unseen Force are proud to announce TORMENT IS FLESH. Three days of unadulterated aural torment during the first weekend of January in Portland, OR

First wave of artist announcements is as follows:
Adzalaan (first performance)
Cruor Incendia
Dagger Lust
Filth Column
Primordial Wound
Purity of Essence
Terror Cell Unit
Triumvir Foul

Second wave to be announced soon.


Available now:
A very limited run of Adzalaan "Tower of False Cleansing" shirt designs are now available on the VT webstore. Click here to order. 

Coming soon:
Lastly, a small repress of Uškumgallu's Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood LP will be available at the end of October.