Monday, December 18, 2017


Upcoming release:

The third out of four previews of the latest VT batch has been released today - "Paralysis Euphoria" from Adzalaan's Into Vermilion Mirrors (VT-XX). Click here for a preview.

UPDATE (12/24):
Available now:

The last of the four new VT releases, Filth Column (VT-XVII) has now been posted in its complete form, unlike the samples of the others which have been posted previously. To listen or download the complete release click here. Further, this tape will also be available on exclusive run at Torment is Flesh

Monday, December 4, 2017


Coming soon:
We are proud to unveil the first preview of the upcoming VT release batch: Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead (VT-XIX), the debut LP of VT entity Dagger Lust. A preview track is available here. More info to come soon.

In addition, other pending releases are listed below:
- Fitlh Column - self-titled CS (VT-XVII)
Serum Dreg - Unholy Vengeance CS/LP (VT-XVIII)
- Adzalaan - Into Vermilion Mirrors CS/LP (VT-XX)

All pending releases will be available on limited pre-release cassettes at Torment is Flesh. Likely limited to quantities of 30.

UPDATE 12/11: Preview of new Serum Dreg album Lustful Vengeance (VT-XVIII) now available here. Artwork preview below.

Monday, October 23, 2017


Upcoming ritual:


Vrasubatlat and Unseen Force are proud to present Torment is Flesh, an amalgam of depraved sonic destruction. A curation of visions devoid of any form of righteousness, hope or salvation comes a collection of disdainful aural torture. Showcasing acts from across our arbitrary borders of existence, Torment is Flesh crosses a multitude of spectra including more traditional vicious black/death metal to asphyxiating psychedelia to concrete and abrasive harsh noise. 

The festival will occur in Portland, OR over the course of the first weekend of January (1/5-1/7). Day one will be held at the High Water Mark and days two and three will be held at the Tonic Lounge. For ticket pre-orders, see the options below:

Day 1 ticket: click here
Day 2 ticket: click here
Day 3 ticket: click here
Weekend pass: click here
Weekend pass w/ fest exclusive shirt: click here

Facebook event page: click here



Available now:
As of last week, we have begun taking orders for the 2nd press of Uškumgallu's debut LP Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood. Click here to purchase.

Coming soon:
Additionally, Vrasubatlat will soon begin fulfillment and distribution for Unseen Force. Keep an eye out for announcement and store updates.

UPDATE (11/4): Unseen Force titles are now available on the VT webstore. Click here to purchase.

UPDATE (1/5): Unfortunately, all House of First Light bands, including Sanguine Eagle, Ozama, and Khøleräa have canceled due to snow canceling flights on the east coast. In their place with be a sets by Rusalka and Disgust on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Upcoming ritual:
Vrasubatlat and Unseen Force are proud to announce TORMENT IS FLESH. Three days of unadulterated aural torment during the first weekend of January in Portland, OR

First wave of artist announcements is as follows:
Adzalaan (first performance)
Cruor Incendia
Dagger Lust
Filth Column
Primordial Wound
Purity of Essence
Terror Cell Unit
Triumvir Foul

Second wave to be announced soon.


Available now:
A very limited run of Adzalaan "Tower of False Cleansing" shirt designs are now available on the VT webstore. Click here to order. 

Coming soon:
Lastly, a small repress of Uškumgallu's Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood LP will be available at the end of October. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Available now:

We are proud to announce that the debut LP offering of Utzalu entitled The Loins of Repentance is now available on vinyl and cassette via the VT webstore. The LP edition is limited to 300 copies and CS edition limited to 200 copies. LP edition available here and cassette edition available here. Digital version available here.

Additionally, the debut offering of Adzalaan is also now available. This tape is comprised of two tracks composed solely by R. Limited to 100 copies and available here. Digital version available here

Last of the latest releases in the first VT offering of Anteinferno. Hospitality is Our Primary Concern showcases further expansion of the VT roster and entering in sonic landscapes previously not heard of on the label. Limited to 100 cassette copies and available here. Digital version available here

Lastly, the store has been updated with the new VT worker shirt design as well as a new Uškumgallu design. Available here and here respectively. More Utzalu merchandise will be available after their upcoming tour (more information below).

9.6 UPDATE: Shirts from Utzalu's recent tour with Ritual Knife are now available on the VT webstore. Preview below. Click here to purchase.

Upcoming Rituals:
As previously posted, in support of their debut album, Utzalu will be doing a brief west coast tour with Ritual Knife. Dates (flyer available in our last posting) are as follows: 

- 8.25 ||The Highline in Seattle, WA 
- 8.26 || The Twilight Cafe in Portland, OR 
- 8.28 ||The Night Light in Oakland, CA 
- 8.29 || 5 Star Bar in Los Angeles, CA 
- 8.30 || The Knockout in San Francisco, CA 
- 8.31 || The Jambalaya in Arcata, CA 
- 9.1 || Obsidian in Olympia, WA 

Lastly, Triumvir Foul has been confirmed to play next year's Invoking Black Death Fest in Chicago, IL. More information to be announced later. 


Monday, July 17, 2017


Coming soon:

I. Utzalu - The Loins of Repentance (VT-XV)
The debut full length and fourth proclamation of scornful revenge by Utzalu: The Loins of Repentance. Formed in the corridors of wretch, this album employs the visions of Emile Zola in tangent with anecdotal tales of depravity in unhinged desires. The Loins of Repentance focuses on the evolution (or lack thereof) of merciless lust and the longing for the hubris that may never come. The transcendence of self-destruction and the desire to beckon the fall. The lust for revenge and the ecstasy from visions of torn and rotten loins. Limited to 200 copies of cassette and 300 on vinyl.

Vengeance vision in streams 
Left in time 
And I cut into my walls 
The lost connection 
To the cursed womb 

In the cleansing of their morals 
And enemies of their nobility
II. Adzalaan - Adzalaan (VT-XVI)

As the first solo project of Vrasubatlat, Adzalaan represents the might and force of isolation and fear. As a source of purgation, Adzalaan fuels the desire to cleanse oneself of phobic nature, yet still entrapped by the walls of claustrophobia. Taking on a much more triumphant sound, Adzalaan, like many of the other VT projects, pushes the limits of the roster and showcases the diverse yet carefully curated nature of the cabal. Limited to 100 copies on cassette.

Watch the tower crumble, and feel your eyes lose any sense of purity.

III. Anteinferno - Hospitality Is Our Primary Concern (VT-XIV)

The scraping sounds of an abstract Stockholm syndrome instilled by a culture of sadistic narcissism and political abuse. Torture (itself a mutual affair) is accommodated under every circumstance. A lifetime of coercion and self-imposed incarceration. Did any of it actually happen? How do you know it happened? Heavy electronics from the antechamber. Limited to 100 copies on cassette. 

All of the above to be released in early August.

Upcoming rituals:
In support of their debut album, Utzalu will be doing a brief west coast tour with Ritual Knife. Dates (also above) are as follows:

- 8.25 ||The Highline in Seattle, WA 
- 8.26 || The Twilight Cafe in Portland, OR 
- 8.28 ||The Night Light in Oakland, CA 
- 8.29 || 5 Star Bar in Los Angeles, CA 
- 8.30 || The Knockout in San Francisco, CA 
- 8.31 || The Jambalaya in Arcata, CA 
- 9.1 || Obsidian in Olympia, WA 

Support provided by Akatharsia on all California dates. Further local support throughout the tour provided by Blue Hummingbird on the Left, Cerebral Rot, Primordial Wound, and Nekro Drunkz


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Available now:
Although a few days later than originally planned, the new Trumvir Foul album Spiritual Bloodshed is now available on vinyl and cassette via the VT webstore. There are two versions of the LP, one limited to 200 and housed in an o-card slipcase featuring the artwork above and also includes two patch designs. The other version is the standard LP featuring artwork from Timo Ketola. Both contain a poster featuring art from T. Grieco and both have the option of white or black vinyl. To purchase the standard edition, click here and to purchase the o-card slipcase edition, click here. Lastly, the cassette edition is available here.

Additionally, we have repressed the eponymous debut of Triumvir Foul on vinyl and cassette, available here and here respectively. The debut standalone release of Mróz entitled Charnel Ground is also now available on CS format.

Further, we have three new shirts (two t-shirts and one longsleeve - LS featuring the same art as the first shirt above) available for purchase in the webstore, featuring artwork from Timo Ketola and T. Grieco. Click the above images to enlarge the previews.

Upcoming rituals:

First off, we would like to thank everyone who came out for our sets at Covenant and the subsequent dates with Blood Incantation

Triumvir Foul will be playing the formal Spiritual Bloodshed album release show on July 29th at the Tonic Lounge with Cerebral Rot, Moriferum, and Extraneous. Following that, Utzalu will be heading on tour with Ritual Knife and Primordial Wound in late August in support of their new record The Loins of Repentance. More news about that tour and release very soon.


UPDATE (6/15): The VT webstore is now carrying the CD version of Spiritual Bloodshed released by Invictus Productions. Click here to order. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Available now:

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the new Triumvir Foul album Spiritual Bloodshed has been leaked by numerous sources. Because of this, we have decided to release the digital album immediately to ensure the record is being disseminated in its proper form. The album is available here for download and streaming.

The vinyl and cassette versions will still be released on our normal schedule of June 9th to coincide with Triumvir Foul's performance at Covenant Fest in Vancouver B.C.

Impending lacerations:

The debut standalone release of VT project Mróz entitled Charnel Ground will be available alongside the cassette and vinyl version of Spiritual Bloodshed in early June. We will not be posting the digital version until then.

Upcoming rituals:
In addition to Covenant Fest, Triumvir Foul will be playing the days following the festival with Blood Incantation and Qrixkuor. Dagger Lust will be joining Blood Incantation for their Portland date of that tour. 

The official Spiritual Bloodshed album release show will occur on July 29th in Portland, OR at the Tonic Lounge with support from Mortiferum, Cerebral Rot, and Extraneous. Official flyer to come soon.

Lastly, Utzalu will be taking to the road to support their upcoming record in August with Ritual Knife and Primordial Wound. Dates to be announced very soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Upcoming ritual:

Pissblood will be playing its first show along Cross Stitched Eyes and Deathraid this Friday (3/31) at the High Water Mark. This will be the act's first performance ever. In addition, shirts featuring artwork from their debut Fevered Dreams of Delirium will also be available at this show. Preview below (click each photo to enlarge).

Upcoming releases:

We are proud to announce that Triumvir Foul's second full length, Spiritual Bloodshed will be co-released by Vrasubatlat and Invictus Productions in June of this year on vinyl, cassette, compact disc, and digital formats. More information to come soon. 

Further this year will see the release of demos from the new VT projects Mmuo and Adzalaan. Mmuo mixes the sound of lo-fi LLN style black metal with harsh noise while Adzalaan shows Vrasubatlat founder R's emergence as a solo performer, playing arcane and triumphant black metal.

Friday, February 3, 2017


Available now:

We are pleased to announce that Uškumgallu's Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood (VT-X) is now available on vinyl from the Vrasubatlat webstore as well as on Fallen Empire's distro. Limited to 300. Additionally, the pro-press version of Pissblood's Fevered Dreams of Delirium (VT-XI) is also now available from our webstore. Click here to purchase.  Limited to 100.