Sunday, March 6, 2016


Available now:

Triumvir Foul vinyl is now available from Vrasubatlat on both white and black wax. VERY LIMITED. 
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UPDATE (3/23): White vinyl edition of Triumvir Foul 12" is now SOLD OUT.

Upcoming releases:
I. Dagger Lust - self-titled demo CS (VT-VII)
We are pleased to introduce the latest edition to Vrasubatlat, Dagger Lust. This debut release contains two desecration hymns of gnashing hatred and carnality. Focusing on the themes of sexual depravity, domination, and torture, Dagger Lust exhibits some of the most ruthless and punishing sounds to come from Vrasubatlat while utilizing a much more minimalist approach. Limited to 100 copies.


II. Utzalu - Drowning in Sanguine Screams CS (VT-VIII)
 Utzalu has returned with what could be considered its most unhinged and disorienting material yet. Drowning in Sanguine Screams showcases Utzalu's descent into madness and sorrow. The release's narrative trajectory focuses on licentious lechery and the shame coming with such uninhibited self-destruction. Limited to 100 copies.


Expect both releases to be available within the next few weeks alongside Uškumgallu (VT-I) and Serum Dreg (VT-II) reissues.