Tuesday, February 16, 2016


In their latest post, Black Metal and Brews speaks with Ad Infinitum about Vrasubatlat and the artists involved. This feature also contains a brief Utzalu rehearsal demo which will soon be re-recorded for an upcoming release via Vrasubatlat. Click here to read more. 

Available now:

Uškumgallu shirts are now available from us and are for sale in the new Vrasubatlat webstore. Click here to purchase. Also, for future Vrasubatlat releases, click on the "lacerations" link on the right panel of this site. 

Additionally, expect represses of Uškumgallu's self-titled debut demo (VT-I) as well as Serum Dreg's Impure Blood (VT-II). These releases should coincide with the debut release of Dagger Lust (VT-VII) in the near future.

Upcoming ritual: 
Triumvir Foul will be playing the second day (2/20) of this year's Famine Fest alongside Sadistic Intent, Sempiternal Dusk, Unholy Death (N.M.E.), and many more later this week.