Monday, July 17, 2017


Coming soon:

I. Utzalu - The Loins of Repentance (VT-XV)
The debut full length and fourth proclamation of scornful revenge by Utzalu: The Loins of Repentance. Formed in the corridors of wretch, this album employs the visions of Emile Zola in tangent with anecdotal tales of depravity in unhinged desires. The Loins of Repentance focuses on the evolution (or lack thereof) of merciless lust and the longing for the hubris that may never come. The transcendence of self-destruction and the desire to beckon the fall. The lust for revenge and the ecstasy from visions of torn and rotten loins. Limited to 200 copies of cassette and 300 on vinyl.

Vengeance vision in streams 
Left in time 
And I cut into my walls 
The lost connection 
To the cursed womb 

In the cleansing of their morals 
And enemies of their nobility
II. Adzalaan - Adzalaan (VT-XVI)

As the first solo project of Vrasubatlat, Adzalaan represents the might and force of isolation and fear. As a source of purgation, Adzalaan fuels the desire to cleanse oneself of phobic nature, yet still entrapped by the walls of claustrophobia. Taking on a much more triumphant sound, Adzalaan, like many of the other VT projects, pushes the limits of the roster and showcases the diverse yet carefully curated nature of the cabal. Limited to 100 copies on cassette.

Watch the tower crumble, and feel your eyes lose any sense of purity.

III. Anteinferno - Hospitality Is Our Primary Concern (VT-XIV)

The scraping sounds of an abstract Stockholm syndrome instilled by a culture of sadistic narcissism and political abuse. Torture (itself a mutual affair) is accommodated under every circumstance. A lifetime of coercion and self-imposed incarceration. Did any of it actually happen? How do you know it happened? Heavy electronics from the antechamber. Limited to 100 copies on cassette. 

All of the above to be released in early August.

Upcoming rituals:
In support of their debut album, Utzalu will be doing a brief west coast tour with Ritual Knife. Dates (also above) are as follows:

- 8.25 ||The Highline in Seattle, WA 
- 8.26 || The Twilight Cafe in Portland, OR 
- 8.28 ||The Night Light in Oakland, CA 
- 8.29 || 5 Star Bar in Los Angeles, CA 
- 8.30 || The Knockout in San Francisco, CA 
- 8.31 || The Jambalaya in Arcata, CA 
- 9.1 || Obsidian in Olympia, WA 

Support provided by Akatharsia on all California dates. Further local support throughout the tour provided by Blue Hummingbird on the Left, Cerebral Rot, Primordial Wound, and Nekro Drunkz